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From Zero, 2009,

and Return to L’Aquila, 2011

Stefano Strocchi with Giotto Barbieri

Documentary web series

(115 webisodes, 3 minutes each) 

and a documentary video, 56:48 minutes  


On April 6, 2009, the mountainous Italian region of Abruzzo and its capital, L'Aquila, were struck by a major earthquake. Due to the danger of building collapse, the authorities allowed locals back into the town only under Fire Department supervision. Sixty thousand displaced inhabitants were constrained to move into tent camps erected in the aftermath of the disaster. From Zero was produced as an online platform webcasting daily episodes from the tent camps. For a period of ninety days, ten mini episodes from different camps were posted on the web each day. Amounting to a total of 115 "webisodes," the project covered three months in the lives of 12 people, from their arrival in the tents until they prepared to return home or transition to a different location.


The film Return to L’Aquila was made two years after the earthquake. L'Aquila has faded from the news, as has the "fast rebuilding plan" launched by the government. The film returns to the characters previously filmed in the camps to find out what happened to them since then.

Stefano Strocchi is an author and an independent documentary and cross-media producer. His company, MOVE Productions, has produced numerous films, among them Men who Swim Together (2010) by Dylan Williams. In 2013 he directed and produced La Politica. Since 2014 he works in Berlin, where he joined the production company Boekamp & Kriegsheim. The cross-media project From Zero, which he wrote and produced in 2009, was co-produced with PULSE Media and AlJazeera English (IDFA 2009, Tempo Festival 2010).

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