Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Design and Architecture Department

March 23 - September 9, 2017

Tel Aviv Museum of Art's Design and Architecture Department has devoted the past year to researching and planning the exhibition 3.5 Square Meters: Constructive Responses to Natural Disasters. This exhibition examines how communities and individuals worldwide prepare for natural disasters and mobilize in their immediate aftermath. Local and international humanitarian organizations offer rapid responses to such events. Yet alongside praise for the support and immediate assistance they provide, critiques of such humanitarian operations note the problematic aspects of responses that are not always compatible with the needs of a specific population. Bottom-up approaches complement such traditional top-down responses by carefully addressing conditions in the field and the particular needs of local communities.

The exhibition design, which caters to the unique range of exhibits and modes of display, was designed with Studio de Lange – Chanan de Lange and Yulia Lipkin. It is based on recycled materials gathered from former museum exhibitions, and organized into a series of environments reflective of the research project's four overarching themes.

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Curator: Maya Vinitsky | Design: Studio de Lange – Chanan de Lange and Yulia Lipkin | Graphic design: Adi Tako | Construction and installation team: Boaz Menashri, Liad Ben-Yehuda | Ramp construction: Tucan Design Studio Ltd. – Tzvika Kaplan | Mounting and hanging:Yaakov Gueta | Lighting: Lior Gabai, Assaf Menachem | Research assistants: Meshi Tedesky, Liana Alon | Videography (Online Data Monitoring Project): Ohad Milstein | 3-D printing: Meshi Tedesky | Exhibiton Photo: Elad Sarig | Video: Inna Shender | Website design: Adi Tako

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